In The Garden

So what are we in the mood for? Anecdotes? Quips? Rambling tales? Well, peeps, you’ll just have to settle for my first SHAMELESSLY SELF-PROMOTING post about my fantabulous art/writing career…

It’s been a charmingly garden-based day. I have spent the morning polishing the text for my forthcoming Early Reader for Orion Children’s, appropriately titled ‘In The Garden’. Writing for this age-group (5-7 years-ish) has its challenges (short sentences, simple but perfect words), but with a background in teaching and a 3 and 5 year old at my heel (…although I wish they bloody would heel!), I think my writing muscles are well-flexed to pull it together. And as an added bonus, I love gardens, but not gardening… strangely.

The afternoon has been spent in my summerhouse painting studio, reacquainting myself with one of my most favourite things in the Whole Wide World: gold leaf. I’ve added little touches of it here and there, to some long-neglected paintings for my ‘Nebula’ series. And I’ve also experimented with some new oil pastels. Here are some iPhone quality snapshots:

I have an exhibition brewing, but an exhibition needs artworks. And artworks take time. I just need some more days like today, when brainpower, energy, creative sparkle and child-freeness all comes together. So I guess we’re looking at 2029…


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