ARGH! Ever had that feeling life is running out of control?

I thought I had the school summer holiday mapped out. A perfect balance of early morning writing (a comfortable 1-1.5k a day), the final tweaks for my forthcoming Early Reader ‘In The Garden’, the edit of a beloved old manuscript, plenty of painting afternoons in my summerhouse studio…all blended with a carousel of day-trips, play-dates and other child-related activities.

So why do those little coloured iCal event boxes refuse to behave?  I have spent the last few hours squeezing and nudging and teasing my list of duties, but the sums aren’t working.  How do I fit so many words into so few hours and still present as a committed parent?  What was it J G Ballard said about ‘the pram in the hall’?

Ay curumba!